RATS/Carriers of multiple diseases such at Leptospirosis dealt with either Rodenticides, trapping, proofing, cleaning and removal of food sources.

MICE/Same procedures as above.

INSECTS/Using professional Insecticides, monitoring, Pheremone trapping, hygeine with repeated treatments, identification and advice during is given depending on the species.

BIRD PROOFING/Methods used to be identified on site

RABBITS AND SQUIRRELS/Firearms, Proofing and Trapping.

MOLES/Trapping and Gassing with Aluminium Phosphide where appropriate

MOTHS, FLIES, CARPET BEETLES, BED BUGS, FLEAS, ANTS AND OTHER CRAWLING INSECTS/Using Professional insecticides, monitoring and repeated visits depending on species.

CONTRACTS/Monthly inspections.

​AGRICULTURAL, EQUINE, ESTATE, DOCKS/Intensive control with contract inspections

All work conducted will be covered with a 100% guarantee, Grain store fumigations, Extreme cleaning and Bird Proofing will be quoted on location.

Here at Venables Pest control, we deal will ALL Pest Species, these being Rats, Mice, Fleas, Flies, Ants, Wasps, Seagulls, Pigeons, Rabbits, Moles, Stored Product Insects, Moths, Squirrels and Foxes.  We cover ALL of Gloucestershire and the surrounding Counties.  The total services that we provide are Pest Control, Extreme cleaning from the aftermath of Drug Dens, Hoarders and Squatters.  We provide Agricultural, Domestic and Commercial contracts and services, specialising in Intensive control and Grain store Fumigation. With 10 plus years experience in the industry, fully qualified, insured, reliable and discreet when required.  References available upon request.  All work is 100% guaranteed and all Pest Species are eradicated and or controlled under contracts.  Currently our contracts span from Dairy and Arable farms, shops, warehouses, commercial properties, restaurants, Estates and Domestic properties. All Bird control methods covered including the new AGRILASER SYSTEMS. Together with pride, reliability and dedication towards pest work will ensure the infestation is dealt with.  We specialise in intensive control and can provided references when requested.  When dealing with DRUG DENS and HOARDERS SITES we will provide any Pest Control related exterminations with in the clearance, this being a huge advantage.  Pre survey work can be carried out to identify issues and methods to be used.  Firearms control also available.