The Agrilaser autonomic is a revolutionary system for the deterrence of all birds, primarily we use this system for the control of seagulls, pigeons and starlings.

The system comes in 3 set ups: 2 hand held options and a sentry system. The smaller hand-held option emits to 1000, the larger more versatile hand held set up emits to 2500m and the sentry system also to 2500m but is solar and fully automated. Programmed by qualified technicians to suit each site.

The benefits of this system are large coverage, low maintenance, appearance, costs and proven effectiveness. As the main methods of proofing are still very successful this provides another option to be considered. The laser is a type 3b, this is aviation safe and resembles a solid object in the birds’ spectrum of sight, thus no harm to animal and simply pushes it away.

This is carried out for 365 days of the year and is either solar powered and or a mains supply. Only qualified technicians can set up these and maintain the system. It is discrete, no sound and visually attractive on any site, these can be factories, waste sites, docks, depos, golf courses, shopping centres, vineyards, industrial sites, large buildings, nuclear plants, fisheries etc etc the list of sites are endless.

​For any information regarding the agrilaser or any queries regarding all aspects of bird proofing and control, please don’t hesitate to call me on 07500668521.

Take a look at the Agrilaser in action!

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