Pigeons are by far the primary species of bird pest. Although their prime breeding season is July, they can and do breed all year round. They nest in a variety of places and are commonly found in towns and cities. Wherever they roost or perch they tend to leave large amounts of faecal material which is unsightly and acidic. There are various methods of dealing with them including proofing, trapping, use of firearms and deploying birds of prey.

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Case Study

Bird Proofing Commercial Roof

This was a job installing netting and spikes on the roof of a building in Cheltenham to prevent birds such as Seaguls and Pigeons landing, nesting and leaving guano on the roof top.

I have undergone training to work at heights and for the use of a safety harness, so made sure I was attached to a safety rope and wearing a hard hat at all time whilst doing this job.

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