Fly Screens

The Flyscreen Company supplies a range of pest control and exclusion products, that provide effective protection against flying insects, to satisfy all your hygiene and environmental health and safety needs.

They are specialist manufacturers of bespoke fly screens for windows and doors and supply insect preclusion products to homes and businesses in the UK and around the world. Products range from those suitable for use in homes and small businesses, to retail and commercial premises and to large industrial concerns.

They manufacture and supply a range of made-to-measure flyscreens for windows and doors, DIY Kits, roller blinds, insect mesh on a roll, soffit mesh for ventilation and cladding, chain screens, mosquito nets and electric fly killers.

The Flyscreen Company will deliver contracts to order across all our products, and will design, manufacture and supply screens to your required specifications and quantities.

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Aluminium Hinged Door

Insect Panel Curtain

Box Frame Hinged

Industrial Amplimesh

PVC Strip Curtain

Roller Door WR Pull Across

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